Going into space has been a dream of many for decades.

We acquired the technology to achieve space travel in the 20th Century but at a cost that only governments could afford. Now an opportunity knocks…

We are making space accessible to all.

We are ready to take you into space within a few years’ time: on Personal Journeys; for Research;
for Business; for Exploration and Discovery...

The market is there: proven, tangible and large enough.

For pioneers, enthusiasts, scientists and entrepreneurs...
at a price that you are able to pay.

Let’s go for a ride!

Brought to you by the BOOSTER Space Industries Consortium

BOOSTER is developing a “sub-orbital” capable rocket powered aircraft for the carriage of passengers and research payloads into space.

We are not inventing new technology. Our innovation has been the access to and combination of existing hardware and technologies through the involvement of a prestigious international consortium of aerospace companies.