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Message from Frank Preud’homme of QinetiQ Space nvQinetiQ

QinetiQ Space got involved in the Booster initiative already in 2007. We have since then continued our support to realize this exciting development. It represents for us an investment in a new branch of space activities that capitalizes on QinetiQ Space’s strengths of providing innovative system engineering solutions.

We helped to identify and convince partners for the Booster consortium, all experts in their field, and we are happy that most of them decided to join us in this challenging development, where space practices and aircraft regulations will meet.

What makes Booster interesting is that they have conducted their work from a strategic top-down position, have gained vital and major political support from authorities and that they have been able to secure the support from a number of internationally known partners.

Key strength is a realistic/ affordable approach, applying the approach of integrating proven technologies and processes into a new innovative product, which is fully in line with the approach followed by QinetiQ Space (formerly Verhaert Space) in our space and industrial developments.

Frank Preud’homme

About Frank Preud’homme

Frank Preud'homme

  • Commercial Director and Member of the Board of QinetiQ Space nv, Belgium
  • Chairman of Belgospace (Belgian aerospace companies’ association)
  • 45 years old, married, two children
  • Degree in electro-mechanical and biomedical engineering
  • European citizen (Belgian)
  • Passion : travelling


  • 20 years experience in aerospace
  • More than 15 years experience in project management and project control of major space projects (0.1-50M€)
  • 8 years of experience as Business Unit Manager for Space Instruments, responsible for overall management and co-ordination of project teams,
  • Contracts management and negotiation, Account and Sales Management, Business Development, General Management tasks
  • 5 years of experience as Commercial Director, responsible for the Commercial strategy, Business development, Contracts management and negotiation, Proposal management, Account and Sales Management, General Management tasks, Governmental relations, Public Relations
  • Residing in several boards : QinetiQ Space, Lambda X, Redu Space services, Redu Operations Services, Belgospace, Flemish Aerospace Association, Flemish Aviation Association and the Aeronautical and Aerospace Society