The Client leads, we Empower an Entrepreneurial Approach to Aerospace projects – Your Ideas, Our Navigational Skills…

BOOSTER works by fostering rapid and productive team and capability integration. BOOSTER has a structure that effectively makes it able to vary in size by pulling in partner companies, contractors, suppliers, and employees who fit seamlessly into a team and work within all legal obligations. We have created an entrepreneurial and flexible enterprise anchored by decades old experience and excellence.

The Company has built a team and a network of partners across the world with unique experience in aircraft and rocket design, fabrication, test, flight operations, systems engineering, regulatory and international treaty compliance with regards to aerospace, design to cost, control and business development.

Our Reconfigurable Company adapts to the project. We integrate our team, defined partners and all other contractors under the same umbrella to make sure that we are operating within the law and are all “safe”. We tame the bureaucratic background creating an invisible structure onto which “productive” engineering and testing can be achieved both economically and rapidly.

We are intuitive solution finders… particularly when it comes to out-of-the-box problem solving for aerospace. We have an intimate knowledge of the international regulatory regime with regards to aerospace: with strong relationships with the EASA and the FAA (both the aviation and the commercial space offices) and with the Ministries and Regulatory Authorities in Spain.

Our niche knowledge is in ‘unusual design aircraft’ such as aero-space-planes which are a hybrid of rockets and aeroplanes, and Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS). This niche area of experience covers near-Earth flight from 1km to 150km of altitude at all speeds. We know this environment: both physically and legally.

For implementing this, we have an Operational Flight Department on Spanish soil, which uses a unique airport within Europe for the flight testing of ‘unusual’ aircraft. We can implement ground and flight certification testing and proof of concept exploratory testing of all types of aircraft from the model airplane up to an Airbus/Boeing.

We provide an initial consultancy service. The first action is to define the problem and then work on understanding it. We have demonstrated that we can help and add value very early on.

Looking forward to working with you.