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AernnovaMessage from Miguel Á. Castillo Acero of Aernnova

Aernnova Engineering has a clear interest in participating in the BOOSTER commercial sub-orbital aircraft project.

We have been working as part of the BOOSTER Consortium since 2008. I am convinced that the BOOSTER project will be a success, having in mind the level of the other partners participating and the pragmatism that has been displayed in preparing the engineering and business activities during these past years.

Aernnova has already committed resources to the feasibility work and will continue to contribute work to making further progress in these activities.

Aernnova is experienced in collaborating on complex international large aircraft programs and the international consortium of expert companies appears to be well suited to the challenge. Our main objective is to use our complex aviation engineering expertise to provide best value solutions regarding the design, development, and certification of the sub-orbital aircraft.

This is an intriguing project with great depth that has been truly assembled across the international landscape to address some interesting markets. The project’s potential for international visibility is large where we expect to demonstrate our brand of high value engineering.

Yours sincerely,

Miguel Angel Castillo Acero

About Miguel Á. Castillo AceroMiguel Á. Castillo Acero

Aerospace Engineer, 6 years degree Spain´s equivalent to U.S. MSc. Escuela Técnica Superior Ingenieros Aeronáuticos (1990), Universidad Politécnica Madrid, Spain

Post- graduate studies in Science and Technology Management (1992), Universidad Carlos III, Getafe, Spain

Prior to joining Aernnova, 11 year career as aerospace structures engineer in C.A.S.A. (Getafe, Spain), Boeing (Seattle, USA) and Hispano Suiza (Le Havre, France). Following this structures engineer career, Miguel, since 2000, has held several Technical, Technology and Project Management positions in Aernnova, former Gamesa Aeronáutica:

  • Head of Structural Integrity Department in Aernnova Engineering Madrid
  • Engineering Project Management for Airbus A380 Section 19 metallic skeleton
  • Managing Director of Aernnova Engineering Solutions Ibérica starting 2006 up to June 2011
    VP Technology Development of Aernnova, current position

Professional interests include development of new aero-structures concepts, new composite architectures, and investigation on advanced materials and process for lighter aero- structures, easier and cheaper to maintain. In general, attracted to technology development and innovation introduction along the complete aero-structures Product Life Cycle.