BOOSTER Space Industries

BOOSTER Space Industries is an entrepreneurial organisation that was built specifically to coordinate and implement a private space transportation offering. We are internationally minded. Beyond the substantial international footprint that our consortium of partners brings, we maintain a number of divisions and subsidiaries in different countries, serving both a strategic and an operational purpose.

Headquarters are in Belgium for logistical and political reasons.

We plan to have an operational site in Europe, and have been running an operations coordination center in Spain for some time.

Our primary site of operations will be within the jurisdiction of the United States of America in compliance with treaty restrictions for the types of technologies that we are employing. We are in the process of establishing a presence both in the Eastern and Pacific time zones to support our US activities.

Message from our Founder Dr. James Jason Murray

Dr. James Jason Murray

There is a coming of age of any idea or activity. The years of preparation, the collective efforts of many different organisations, and the test of time all help to impart a level of self-awareness in any endeavour. We have spent more than 6 years now working our ideas and testing them against a diversity of engineering experts, agencies and government entities, financiers, entrepreneurs, and market experts with each imparting their own wisdom.

We’ve listened carefully, we will continue to listen and respond.

Technology has not been the blocking point to further progress. Economic viability has.

We now have a strong understanding of how things should be done. Arriving to this understanding has not been done easily. A case can be made that we have already gone through some decades of failed space ambitions to be able to draw many lessons.

We have worked hard to remove the technological, development, legal and political risk from this project. We have an exceptional consortium of engineering partners that have stood the test of years of pre-development activities. They have the right experiences, and a shared understanding and buy-in of the cost engineering goals. The real challenge is in bringing the product to market on time, on budget, and at just what the customer wants and for a price that they can happily afford.

We are well on our way to achieving these goals. We have done our homework. We are ready to go.

This website represents our first public record of our activities. It is preliminary in nature and intends to support our transition into our Phase B full scale development, as we complete the Phase A activities. We have months of virtual flight testing of our latest design iteration in tow. The next 6 months will prove to be just as productive and exciting. Stay tuned for future updates as we start to share elements of our different activities.

James Jason Murray

Founder & CEO.