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Message from Carissa Christensen of The Tauri GroupThe Tauri Group

The Tauri Group, an innovator in analytic consulting, is the leading market analysis firm serving space industry clients. Tauri’s Space and Technology practice supports civil, commercial, and military enterprises. The team brings preeminent expertise in the space industry and its underlying technologies, and is known for a rigorous and multi-disciplinary approach to analysis of launch, satellite, space technology, and emerging markets.

The Tauri Group engages in non-advocacy analysis activities, and operates on a non-contingent basis. Our relationship with BOOSTER is consistent with these principles of offering unbiased, trustworthy analysis.

Our task is to chaperone BOOSTER in ongoing marketing and pre-sales systems integration with responsiveness to changes in external market conditions and BOOSTER business activities.

Commercial spaceflight, and especially sub-orbital spaceflight, is a dynamic industry, where approaches and strategies should also be prepared to evolve and respond to evolving markets and marketing opportunities. The Tauri Group will provide market assessment in early planning and during the development phases. As BOOSTER develops and marketing support needs diversify, Tauri will also help to characterize and address future needs for analysis and for marketing support. Serving this systems integration role will ensure consistent and evolutionary growth in BOOSTER’s understanding of, and communications with, target market sets.

Additionally, we will provide analyses of investment organizations with the capacity and domain focus to consider BOOSTER as a viable investment opportunity at different stages of its development.

Carissa Christensen

About Carissa ChristensenCarissa Christensen

Carissa Bryce Christensen is a founder and Managing Partner of The Tauri Group. For 25 years, Ms. Christensen has been a recognized expert in commercial space, and has engaged the leading edge of the space industry with innovative analysis of space systems, industry economics, advanced technologies, unique regulatory requirements, and underlying demand.

Her on-going work with government agencies, industry organizations, launch firms, and satellite manufacturers and operators helps decision makers better understand market positioning, future demand for space services, and competitive dynamics. Ms. Christensen’s extensive publications include contributions to peer-reviewed journals, industry publications, books, and conference proceedings. She is often quoted in trade and popular media.

Ms. Christensen holds a Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, where she specialized in science and technology policy. She also completed the General Course in Government at the London School of Economics and was a Douglass Scholar at Rutgers University.

“I have watched waves of space entrepreneurs over 25 years, and I know that successful ventures seek out the best information. The Tauri Group provides Booster with the objective, rigorous analysis it wants to support effective, data-driven decision-making.”

Carissa Bryce Christensen