Message from Hans J. Petscher of v-planev-plane

… ready in all respects(?)!…

It’s about private space travel: one may wonder where the readiness would be.

There is no space legislation, no space craft, no infrastructure, no industry, no demand, no passengers.

Really? The well informed, not so oblivious may have realized: a lot is going on in the world today. And even here in Europe: legislation is capable, space craft are on the drawing boards, infrastructure is either ready or under construction, industry has joined and readied, demand has always been there, and, yes, even passengers have been booking!

Ready in all respects? Aye! Very well then, carry on…

We at v-plane engineering who are leading a strong and capable European consortium of specialized aviation companies are convinced: the European approach to public space travel including space tourism is not only feasible, it is ready!

Let there not be any doubt: new frontiers are to be explored, new ground to be plowed.

The challenges will be taken on step by step. The members of the BOOSTER Consortium, each one in their field of experience, have identified them and prepared solutions.

Teams have been built and communication lines strung, tools sharpened.

One more thing: we strongly believe in the European approach of building a certified sub-orbital aircraft, SOA, carried aloft by another certified aircraft.

Have in mind: we are speaking purposefully not about a vehicle, rather an aircraft following the ICAO definition having wings interacting with the air of the atmosphere (for the longest parts of the flight anyway). This will give us the full support of the certifying authorities, the EASA.

The European regulatory works are having enough flexibility to accommodate the peculiarities of a special purpose aircraft with rockets.

Pilots, passengers and users alike will have the peace of mind that they are well looked after, that they are not part of an experiment.

Hans J. Petscher

About Hans J. Petscher

Hans J. Petscher

  • Co-founder and shareholder of v-plane engineering GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
  • Head of v-plane EASA DOA Office of Airworthiness
  • 65 years old, married, two grown up children.
  • Degree in electrical engineering.
  • European citizen (German).
  • Passion: offshore sailing


  • Military: technical operations officer: F4 Phantom-fighter wing
  • Head of avionics shop: General aviation company
  • Vice President (Europe): Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA)
  • Head of engineering: General aviation aircraft design company
  • 25+ years inspector and certifying staff in JAR 145 organization
  • Set up and certification of 3 different EASA design organizations
  • Numerous licences and trainings in aviation
  • Pilot: single- and multi engine aircraft, IFR rating
  • Specialized in certification of aircraft and -systems according to CS/FAR 23,-25,-27
  • 43 years experience in aviation