How We Work

We are a company built on the notion that risk can be mitigated; and that it should be done as early and for as low a cost as possible.

There was no need to build every required capability in-house, for most of what we need to get to space exists within other companies: both in hardware and experience that are themselves supported by their extensive networks and industrial infrastructure.

Our industrial consortium works like an entrepreneurial team where each partner is incentivized for maximum cost effectiveness.

BOOSTER directs and coordinates development and operations reusing existing infrastructure and within a structure and a regulatory framework familiar to the authorities.

New space markets are being addressed and developed by a number of entrepreneurial space companies around the world. We are all on a voyage of business discovery.

BOOSTER has spent some years mitigating its technical, legal, regulatory, and political risks. Our voyage now takes us onward to:

Discovering how to extract a maximum economic efficiency from our technology and products.
Discovering both new and existing customers, how to meet their current needs, and even things they have not yet discovered themselves.
We are the link: connecting existing aerospace heritage and experience with new business opportunities.

As time progresses, BOOSTER and its team will evolve to respond to what is required.